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Unleashing Creativity through BRIDGEGOOD’s Inspire Oakland + Art Mart

If you’re an Oakland native or resident, you may have seen large billboards throughout the town with the bold words “Inspire Oakland”. Ever wondered what that is all about? Through BRIDGEGOOD’s Inspire Oakland program, young creatives around the Bay Area enter the challenge of designing a personal memory that inspires them about our beloved city, […]

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UX + UI Resources and Tools

In today’s digital age, technology is an essential tool for aspiring User Experience (UX) researchers, User Interface (UI) designers, and product designers seeking to launch a career in tech. With the right software and tools, these professionals can streamline their work and produce higher-quality designs and user experiences. In this article, BRIDGEGOOD will showcase 21 […]

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Ranked #4 Best UX Apprenticeship

Thrilled to announce that BRIDGEGOOD’s UX Design Apprenticeship is ranked #4 best “UI/UX Design and Research Apprenticeships” in 2022 by The Uptide, a premiere destination for conversations on tech, business, and sustainability. Below, the full article originally posted at

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Google Expands Support for Nonprofits with Free Workspace in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is reaffirming its commitment to supporting local nonprofits by opening up a dedicated workspace in San Francisco. The tech giant is providing a free community space for nonprofits to host events, meetings, and collaborative sessions. The initiative aims to foster collaboration and empower organizations to make a positive impact in their […]