#DesignForSocialGood since 2009

Core Programs

BRIDGEGOOD provides design training for job seekers, equitable access to tech careers, and Black, Indigenous, Women Creatives of Color — particularly in underrepresented communities.

Developing meaningful careers in technology

BRIDGEGOOD programs offer under-resourced designers (ages 18+) the opportunity to acquire career skills and real-world experience in the competitive tech job market. Students who participate in our programs are diverse students across Northern California — reaching job seekers beyond Oakland including Stockton, Fresno, San Mateo, and Sacramento.

Inspire Oakland Challenge

Each year we ask emerging Creatives and Designers to create original artwork that answers the question, “What about Oakland inspires you?” Learn more and download the Inspire Oakland brochure (PDF).

UX Design Apprenticeship

Provides 3-months of tuition-free access, hands-on training, and portfolio building activities for diverse Bay Area Creatives, Artists, and Designers. Learn more and download the UX Design Apprenticeship brochure (PDF). 

Tech Career Incubator

Provides BRIDGEGOOD graduates with 120+ hours of design education, direct mentorship, and open labs curated by industry & tech professionals. Browse upcoming sessions and open labs. 

Community Partnerships

Connects BRIDGEGOOD Graduates to paid opportunities with companies including Adobe, Golden State Warriors, Kaiser Permanente, Twilio, and Google. Read case studies: The Future Work for Everyone + Peaceful Warriors Summit

Program Impact

16,500+ students, 50+ schools, $2.25M in scholarships

Design for social good, not profit

BRIDGEGOOD nurtures social impact designers by immersing them in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) programs, fostering a dynamic environment where creativity meets purpose. Join our movement as together, we #DesignForSocialGood.

Request a Free Class Visit from BRIDGEGOOD

Instructors! Our team would be thrilled to visit your class(es) and make a 30 to 45-min presentation that complements your school curriculum.

Help Students Thrive and Explore Careers

We highlight the skills required to enter the design & tech industry, professional resources, and upcoming opportunities.

Provide Support in Career Development

We connect students to professional opportunities including open labs at BRIDGEGOOD and UX work sessions with Adobe, Salesforce, and Google. 

#GratitudeAttitude to Investors & Partners

Creativity is more important than ever. BRIDGEGOOD connects the worlds of design, technology, and education — all in the name of social good.

Shaun Tai

Co-Founder & Executive Director