Inspire Oakland + Art Mart @ JLS Oakland

If you’re an Oakland native or resident, you may have seen large billboards throughout the town with the bold words “Inspire Oakland”. Ever wondered what that is all about?

Through BRIDGEGOOD’s Inspire Oakland program, young creatives around the Bay Area enter the challenge of designing a personal memory that inspires them about our beloved city, answering the prompt “What about Oakland inspires you?” 

The top 20 finalists will come together to present their designs in front of a panel of judges, professionals across the design, education, and technology industry. Through this challenge, participants will earn real-world experience for a top design opportunity and a cool flex to add to their portfolio.  

The Inspire Oakland Design Challenge has been successful in promoting diversity and community engagement through its various metrics. Since 2009, 78 student designers have been recognized as winners, with 72% of them being women of color. Additionally, the program has contributed to the visibility (84mm impressions) of student artwork by purchasing 312 billboards, bus benches, LED display designs, and/or bus ads featuring their designs. Through the use of original imagery that reflects the diversity, history, and resiliency of the Oakland community, the Inspire Oakland Design Challenge inspires civic pride, engagement, and innovation.

This Spring, the Inspire Oakland presentation is back to in-person setting at 55 Harrison Street in historical Jack London Square. With an expectation of 100+ community members, 15-20 judges, and 20 student presenters, this year is even more special because local creatives and artists will be displaying their art in a fun and community-oriented environment.  

“As a community, we must celebrate and amplify the authenticity, diversity, and unique voices of our young people through Inspire Oakland. The student artwork not only showcases their immense talent but also serves as a powerful tool to inspire and uplift the entire Bay Area community,” says Shaun Tai, Executive Director at BRIDGEGOOD.

If you are a BRIDGEGOOD partner or a local artist who would like to showcase your art or sell goods, this would be an awesome opportunity for you to show your talents. For more information, contact

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