Mornings on 2 with BRIDGEGOOD

Mornings on 2 with BRIDGEGOOD & KTVU 2's Gasia Mikaelian

Oakland-based non-profit BRIDGEGOOD is took center stage on KTVU Channel 2. Co-Founder Shaun Tai had an inspiring conversation with Gasia Mikaelian about the incredible work BRIDGEGOOD is doing in our community.

BRIDGEGOOD is all about student empowerment and tech opportunity. For two decades we’ve been on a mission to provide access, professional opportunities, and tech literacy to under-resourced design students and job seekers of color. Our interview with KTVU sheds light on the impact we’ve been making since 2009. 

Here are some key highlights from BRIDGEGOOD’s interview

: 1️⃣  Bridging the Gap: BRIDGEGOOD serves as the bridge to valuable opportunities in the tech and design industry that many young individuals in underserved communities lack

. 2️⃣  Creative Power: We believe #Oakland and the #BayArea are untapped hubs of creativity, and we’re focusing on creative jobs to uplift our community

. 3️⃣  UX Expertise: Our students learn the ins-and-outs of user experience (UX), gaining hands-on experience in a tuition-free, three-month program – BRIDGEGOOD’s UX Design Apprenticeship

. 4️⃣  Major Tech Support: We’ve garnered support from major tech companies, including, Adobe, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, and MC Hammer. Additional donors include Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and Comcast

. 5️⃣  Success Stories: Graduates like Jerrie Fu and Julie Truong have gone on to secure fantastic positions at companies like Etsy and #Adobe, proving the impact of BRIDGEGOOD’s programming.

Ready to design for social good? Here’s How: 

Learn More: Visit our website at and explore our ecosystem of partners and student testimonials at 

Mentorship: If you’re a professional in UX or product design, consider becoming an instructor or coach at 

Inspire Oakland: Our #InspireOakland design challenge amplifies student voices and creativity. We’re not just changing individual lives; we’re transforming communities. Help fund student-designed billboards, 

Donate: Make your tax-deductible donation and help our community-driven team #DesignForSocialGood,

To watch the #KTVU Channel 2 News feature, visit . 

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