Power of We at Google SF

On August 17, 2023, the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge provided a stunning backdrop for a truly inspiring gathering at Google San Francisco. BRIDGEGOOD’s “Power of We” event showcased the incredible achievements of our UX Design Apprentices over the summer.

Here’s a glimpse into this unforgettable evening:

Five groups of 4 talented UX Design Apprentices took the Google stage to present their web application products, all with the purpose to #DesignForSocialGood. These web apps are designed to benefit student creatives and emerging designers, making a positive impact in our community. 

With over 120 attendees, including design professionals from companies like U.S. Bank, Robinhood, Beyond, Free Association, Peralta Colleges, Smartsheet, Google, and more, the energy in the room was buzzing.

BRIDGEGOOD’s Executive Director, Shaun Tai, delivered an inspiring keynote, reminding us that: 

“Design for social good is at the heart of each product you see today. I’m proud of this cohort for putting the needs of our people and community first.” 

Every Apprentice graduate received a well-deserved certificate of successful completion. The event concluded with a touching group reflection, where each member shared the positive impact of the program on their lives. The stories of growth and transformation were authentic and heartwarming. 

Two apprentices, Gowoon (Anna) Choi and Aretha September, expressed their gratitude: “I appreciate this opportunity where I feel comfortable learning more, while giving and receiving feedback. Opportunities like BRIDGEGOOD’s UX Design Apprenticeship may become rarer in the future. When I eventually stand all on my own, I’ll think of these moments, continue seeking inspiration, and inspire others,” said Anna. 

Aretha added, “BRIDGEGOOD’s impact and its magnitude is global. This program has allowed me to grow on so many levels, and I feel like a different person leaving it. Thank you for giving me a safe space to feel welcomed, supported, vulnerable, and learn.” 

All Apprentices are encouraged to stay connected with BRIDGEGOOD and will receive lifelong feedback as they continue to excel in their creative careers. 

You too can be part of the “Power of We” by donating at https://www.bridgegood.org/donate or getting involved as an instructor or coach at https://mentors.bridgegood.org. With your support, let’s continue to design for social good. 💛

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