August 2022: Thank you, Yudy

Dear BRIDGEGOOD, Community champions, board members, instructors, and students, 

Today (Aug 31, 2022), I’m writing a special note to say THANK YOU, and to share with you, that today is my last day as Program Manager at BRIDGEGOOD.

Over the past 6+ years, I have learned a tremendous amount of lessons. I have helped cultivate the culture, structure, launch the product, and expand the mission of this organization. I have cried tears of joy while making numerous memories with all program participants and instructors. Memories that I will hold dear to my heart forever.

At BRIDGEGOOD I honed in on design program management and UX skills. I am determined to continue my career as a Design Program Manager.

I’m looking forward to continue pursuing my goals – the next big team, the next creative initiative, where I can leverage my knowledge and skills. I will always give back to my very own community here at BRIDGEGOOD and others.

I will miss traveling to colleges across the Bay Area all the way to Fresno. I will miss having the first insights into students’ artwork of the Inspire Oakland Design Challenges. I will miss being at the studio, sometimes by myself, and getting my work done, feeling productive and motivated to keep going. I will definitely miss conducting 80+ interviews to find the best 20 UX apprentices. I will miss working with 14+ companies, annually, to teach and facilitate the UX Design Apprenticeships.

I will always miss and treasure my time at BRIDGEGOOD. After all these years, I’m not only your point of contact, colleague, or program manager… I feel I have become a friend to all of you.

Please do continue to keep in touch via social media. I hope the next time we meet we can share updates, memories and definitely a good time together!

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