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Recap: The Unforgettable “Pictionary on TV” Showdown: Northern California vs. Southern California

In case you missed the exhilarating event on September 7th at 1 pm on KTVU 2, we’re here to recap the sensational clash of titans! The TV game show “Pictionary on TV” hosted a battle royale between Northern California, represented by Rosemary Orozco and Andre Senior of KTVU Channel 2, and Southern California, fought valiantly by Melvin Robert and Sandra Endo from FOX 11 LA.

Meet the Northern California Team:

Rosemary Orozco: The Meteorological Trailblazer

Rosemary Orozco, a prominent meteorologist, embarked on her journey with KTVU when the Weekend Edition of “Mornings On Two” kicked off in January 2011. Armed with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from San Francisco State University and further studies in Meteorology at Mississippi State University, Rosemary laid the foundations of her remarkable career.

Prior to gracing the KTVU screens, Rosemary’s career saw her shine at various news stations, including KLBC in Laughlin, KEYT in Santa Barbara, and KTXL in Sacramento. Hailing from Sacramento, Rosemary appreciates the diversity and unique beauty of the Bay Area, cherishing her Northern California roots.

Andre Senior: The Storytelling Virtuoso

Andre Senior, a captivating reporter, rekindled his California roots when he joined KTVU in January 2018. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Andre and his family immigrated to the United States in the 1980s, establishing their home in North Miami Beach. He pursued his education at North Miami Beach High School and Florida International University.

Since his arrival at KTVU Channel 2, Andre’s journalistic prowess has been showcased through his coverage of a plethora of major stories, starting with the YouTube Campus shooting in San Bruno. His reporting prowess has resonated across the nation, covering wildfires, Black Lives Matter protests, and significant sports events like the Golden State Warriors’ move from Oakland to San Francisco.

More Than Just a Friendly Competition:

But this was more than just a friendly competition; it was a united effort to support the #DesignForSocialGood cause. Rosemary and Andre joined hands to champion this cause and selected BRIDGEGOOD as the beneficiary. Situated conveniently next to the KTVU studio in Jack London Square, BRIDGEGOOD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering student designers to carve successful careers in UX and the creative industry.

Your support can play a crucial role in helping aspiring talents in the creative field achieve their dreams. To contribute and be a part of this noble mission, visit www.bridgegood.org/donate and make a donation today.

Though the live showdown is now in the books, you can still relive the excitement on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWgApjmLF4g

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