Community Partner Award: Port of Oakland

December 8, 2023 marked a momentous occasion for the Port of Oakland as it proudly accepted the prestigious Community Partner Award from the design for social good non-profit, BRIDGEGOOD.

Photography: Jasmine Toy / Oakland, Calif. – December 15, 2023:

Nestled in the heart of Jack London Square, the Port values its partnership with BRIDGEGOOD, a non-profit committed to providing design education, equitable tech access, mentorship, and career-building resources to over 1,300 students and women of color in Oakland and the broader Bay Area.

Celebrating Opportunity

At the “Power of We” event on December 8, 2023, BRIDGEGOOD showcased the achievements of its UX Design Apprenticeship graduates and acknowledged the supporters who champion their cause. This event spotlighted the shared commitment of the Port and BRIDGEGOOD to empower Black and Indigenous people and Women of Color with essential career skills for thriving in the technology field.

COO Kristi McKenney’s Gratitude

Port of Oakland’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kristi McKenney, expressed her gratitude for the award, emphasizing the Port’s deep commitment to local hiring and supporting youth in their journey towards meaningful careers and entrepreneurship. The Port and BRIDGEGOOD share a common goal of laying the foundation for fulfilling careers within the community.

Investing in the Future

Beyond the award, BRIDGEGOOD is also a proud recipient of the Port’s Community Investment grant, supporting workforce development and education programs within diverse communities. This grant aids BRIDGEGOOD’s apprenticeship program, offering training in User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Product Design, and Visual Design careers.

Powerhouse for Job Creation

As one of Oakland’s largest employers, the Port collaborates with business partners and organizations to prepare local residents for Port-related jobs. The Port’s commitment to job creation is evident, supporting over 98,000 jobs in the region.

About the Port of Oakland

More than an economic hub, the Port of Oakland is a catalyst for community benefits and environmental innovation. As it works towards a cleaner and greener future, the Port remains dedicated to decarbonizing operations. Alongside partners, the Port contributes to $174 billion in annual economic activity and supports 98,345 jobs in the region. With a presence at Oakland International Airport, the Oakland Seaport, Jack London Square, and a publicly-owned utility, the Port of Oakland truly belongs to everyone.

Connect with the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport through social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and visit for more information.

In collaboration with BRIDGEGOOD, the Port of Oakland is actively shaping a future where opportunities abound for every aspiring student and professional. Get involved with BRIDGEGOOD, and visit for more information. 

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