Support Oakland Entrepreneur: Hybrid Ink

In the spirit of giving back and fostering empowerment within the community, BRIDGEGOOD is thrilled to spotlight Hybrid Ink, a local small business owned by the talented Helen Lac. At the heart of BRIDGEGOOD’s mission is design for social good and a commitment to supporting Oakland-owned and operated businesses, particularly those led by women entrepreneurs like Helen.

This December, Hybrid Ink proudly aligns itself with BRIDGEGOOD’s vision by dedicating monetary support to the organization’s mission. Hybrid Ink is delighted to announce that 10% of all sales proceeds for the month will be donated to BRIDGEGOOD. This contribution will play a crucial role in providing vital access, professional opportunities, and tech literacy to under-resourced students and job seekers of color.

BRIDGEGOOD is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of individuals, including women of color, community college students, and creatives with disabilities. The organization’s focus on developing empathetic design leaders complements Hybrid Ink’s commitment to excellence in creative services.

By supporting BRIDGEGOOD, Hybrid Ink is actively contributing to the empowerment and advancement of individuals often underrepresented in the tech and design industries. This collaboration underscores the importance of creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

When clients choose Hybrid Ink for services like Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) procedures this December, they are not only receiving top-quality services from Helen Lac but also making a positive impact in the lives of those striving to build a better future for themselves through BRIDGEGOOD.

A heartfelt thank you to all clients who have already availed Hybrid Ink’s services this month. Your support is instrumental in making a difference. Join us in celebrating this impactful partnership that exemplifies the spirit of community, empowerment, and giving back. #DesignForSocialGood

Learn more about Hybrid Ink by visiting their website and Instagram

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