Understanding Design for Social Good

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When Executive Director Shaun Tai founded Oakland Digital in 2009, he wanted to create a space in which students and job seekers of color from under-resourced backgrounds bridge the digital literacy divide by providing them advanced graphic and professional skills to help them succeed in a meaningful career in tech and make a global difference. 

Fast forward 13 years, across 25 cities in the greater Bay Area, 620 trainings, a summit in Atlanta, and over 10,000 students later, BRIDGEGOOD (formerly Oakland Digital) students continue their impactful work by designing for social good.

Former BRIDGEGOOD UX Design Apprentice and graduate, Brooklyn Valera describes social good as, “the idea of trying to impact as many people as possible through proactive efforts in your community.” 

What is Social Good? 

Digital Equity and Tech Inclusion 

Technological advancement should benefit society as a whole, not just a privileged segment of the population. 

Inclusive Economic Mobility 

Delivering technical expertise, growth mindset, and professional resources required for students to secure meaningful lifelong work. 

Creative Workforce Development

Providing project-based academic learning and industry design skills training to prepare diverse job seekers for career placement. 

Racial and Social Justice 

Amplifying art and design for racial justice to inspire community, raise consciousness, and motivate Creatives to ignite social change. 

Arts and Movement Building 

Using the inspiration of creativity, courage, and capacity to spark participation, development, and sustainability for communities of color. 

These strategies, BRIDGEGOOD believes, is the key to a successful next generation of thought leaders. 

“The results aim to encourage growth and improvement in the people and places around you for the better of society,” Valera said. “A great example I always think of is the holistic approach BRIDGEGOOD takes to helping designers improve beyond their technical skills. They work to help young creatives become better leaders, speakers and critical thinkers — attributes that go far beyond the design industry and make a huge impact on how people lead their lives.”

“Once you truly understand the meaning of social good and how it affects the world around you, it becomes ingrained in everything that you do. And now, I try to help other people understand what it means and how they can incorporate it into their own lives.”

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