Tesla: Uniting Design + Tech + Opportunity

BRIDGEGOOD + Tesla: Uniting Design, Technology, and Opportunity. A Glimpse into the Fusion of Robotics, Product Design, and Engineering, Empowering Underrepresented Talent in the UX Design Field

Oakland, CA — In a landmark collaboration aimed at fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry, BRIDGEGOOD, a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering under-resourced students and job seekers of color, embarked on an inspirational visit to Tesla’s Fremont Factory. This eye-opening experience offered 20 participants from BRIDGEGOOD’s esteemed UX Design Apprenticeship program the chance to witness the seamless integration of robotics, product design, and engineering firsthand.

The visit, organized with the intention of providing invaluable exposure to cutting-edge technologies and professional insights, proved to be a transformative experience for the participants. The engaging tour allowed them to delve into the inner workings of Tesla’s world-class manufacturing facility, observing the marriage of design and technology in action. From the awe-inspiring robotics to the intricacies of product design, the apprentices were immersed in an environment that epitomized innovation and excellence.

One of the highlights of the visit was a thought-provoking discussion led by Karlyn Neel, a prominent figure in Design Leadership at Tesla. Neel shared her expertise on the significance of design, emphasizing its power to solve real-world challenges and alleviate pain points for users. Her words resonated deeply with the BRIDGEGOOD participants, who were inspired to leverage design as a catalyst for positive change.

Ground-breaking visit to Tesla HQ and engaging with their UX & Design leadership team (June 2023).

The visit not only provided a unique opportunity for the participants to witness the fusion of design and technology but also fostered a platform for meaningful dialogue. A team of five UX designers and visual designers engaged with the BRIDGEGOOD apprentices, offering career advice and sharing their personal journeys. The interactive discussion encouraged the exploration of UX design as a viable career path while addressing the participants’ queries and concerns.

Driven by the success of this transformative visit, BRIDGEGOOD has announced plans to expand the initiative, making it an annual event. Moreover, the organization aims to introduce specialized design sessions throughout the year, providing even more tailored opportunities for underrepresented talent to hone their skills and establish themselves in the dynamic field of UX design.

“The collaboration between BRIDGEGOOD and Tesla represents a crucial step towards bridging the diversity gap in the tech industry,” says BRIDGEGOOD’s Executive Director, Shaun Tai. “By empowering individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and facilitating their exposure to innovative technologies and design principles, this partnership has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of UX design.”

Tesla and other leading companies join forces to empower the next generation of design leaders.

As BRIDGEGOOD’s visit to Tesla’s Fremont Factory comes to a close, the impact of this unique experience reverberates within the participants. Armed with newfound knowledge and inspired by the shared wisdom of industry professionals, these apprentices are poised to embark on their own journeys, equipped with the tools and insights needed to shape the future of design.

For BRIDGEGOOD and Tesla, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to fostering diversity, empowering underrepresented talent, and driving innovation through the power of design. As they look towards the future, both organizations are determined to continue expanding opportunities and breaking barriers, ensuring that the world of technology is inclusive, accessible, and representative of all.

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