Valuable Resources for UX Design

Whether you’re an aspiring UX designer or a seasoned UX professional, staying on top of UX design trends is crucial at every stage of your career. Adapting to evolving user expectations, embracing new technologies, and continuously refining your skills to deliver exceptional user experiences are just a few key factors that contribute to achieving success in the UX Design industry. 

Let’s explore a range of resources that will empower you to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge: 

Design Blogs

Awwwards: This website highlights and awards UX designers and the websites they create. It also curates a collection of websites you can reference for inspiration.

Design Better by InVision: If you are looking to become a better designer, Design Better by InVision provides educational resources such as podcasts and e-books. A hub that explore Airbnb’s community features, case studies, opinion pieces, and more. 

Community / Inspiration

Dribble: Provides a vibrant online design community with inspiration, connection, and the ability to showcase work and engage in creative discussions.  

Behance: An online platform that acts as a hub for designers, artists, and creatives to showcase their portfolios, explore projects, and discuss with other designers globally.  

Nielson Norman Group: A respectable UX research and consulting firm that provides research, trains and certifies UX practitioners, and provides UX consulting to clients  

Design Tools:

Sketch: A powerful design platform for UX designers, offering collaborative design tools and facilitating efficient design workflows, wireframes, and prototypes. . 

Figma: A cloud based design tool similar to Sketch, which allows multiple designers to work on a single project in real-time. 


Adobe Creative Jam: A yearly competition event focused on deep collaborative workflows where teams of participants get hands-on experience developing a project in response to a challenge. 

By leveraging any of these valuable resources, UX Designers can continue to grow and excel in their careers while delivering impactful experiences to users. 

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