For the past 12 years, Oakland Digital (now BRIDGEGOOD) has asked local students, artists, and ARTivists to create original designs that answers, “What about Oakland inspires you?” 

To date, over 2,400 community college and state-level students have participated for the chance to have their designs featured on Inspire Oakland billboards, bus ads, benches, and digital LED’s throughout the greater East Bay.

Students are asked to use their creativity, vision of diversity, and spirit of innovation when conceiving their artwork. The ultimate goal of the arts program is to provide students with real-world experience while jump-starting their professional design career. In addition to professional exposure, student participants receive work opportunities, career-related resources, and discover tools needed to secure 21st century employment.

To date BRIDGEGOOD has showcased over 70 artists with original imagery ranging from Oakland First Fridays, to Black Lives Matter, to Women of Color Empowerment — student designs visually reflect the diversity, history, and resiliency of our community while inspiring civic pride, engagement, and innovation.

100% of the designs are created by community members and local artists. As such, BRIDGEGOOD is used as a platform to allow Creatives to voice their opinions, realities, hopes, and dreams through design. #DesignForSocialGood