Avenging for Equity x USC & BRIDGEGOOD

BRIDGEGOOD Partners with USC Race and Equity Center to Create "Avenging for Equity" Graphic Novel

In a groundbreaking collaboration that highlights the power of art and storytelling in the pursuit of racial equity, BRIDGEGOOD, formerly known as Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center, has teamed up with the USC Race and Equity Center to produce a special issue of their Solutions Briefs series titled “Avenging for Equity: Race-Conscious Leaders Transforming California Community College Pathways.” This unique project showcases the artistic talents of California community college students while sharing powerful narratives of race-conscious leadership in the quest for equity.

The “Avenging for Equity” brief is a graphic novel that serves as an inspiring and informative resource for readers interested in understanding the transformative journeys of individuals who have become champions of equity, regardless of their roles or identities. The project features compelling artwork created by BRIDGEGOOD, an organization dedicated to helping students of color build skills in creative design for fulfilling careers.

The Equity Avengers, co-branding partners in this endeavor, have brought together authors from the Racial Equity Commission for the California Community Colleges. Over the course of two years, this diverse group of 30 members, including students, faculty, counselors, directors, deans, vice presidents/vice chancellors, and college presidents/chancellors, has been actively working to reimagine the community college system in California. Their mission: to remove long standing barriers faced by students of color and to dismantle systemic racism within policies, practices, and programs across the state’s community colleges.

Originally, the Commission’s focus was on embedding racial equity within guided pathways, but it quickly evolved to address broader and more deeply-rooted issues within the educational institutions. This dynamic shift led to a focus on problems rooted in the very foundation of these colleges, paving the way for a more comprehensive approach to racial equity.

The “Avenging for Equity” graphic novel is part of the Racial Equity Guided Pathways series, with leaders sharing their experiences in implementing guided pathways while addressing key questions, including:

  • How do we develop, mentor, and cultivate the next generation of equity leaders?
  • How can we cultivate communities to validate, uplift, and support each other’s racial equity efforts?
  • How do we build coalitions so that everyone on campus uses their roles to advance equity?

The stories featured in this series are organized in a conversational interview format, aiming to provide personal and relatable insights into race-conscious leadership. The goal is to inspire readers by showcasing different paths to becoming leaders and equity champions, emphasizing that anyone, regardless of their roles or identities, can make a meaningful impact in the journey towards racial equity.

This extraordinary project would not have been possible without the dedicated team at BRIDGEGOOD, led by Project Manager Elisa Feng and Digital Designers and Illustrators Christopher Cruz, Diego Eduardo Munoz, Effery Sims, and sketches by Jessica Romick. The leadership of Adrian Trinidad, Minh Tran, and BRIDGEGOOD champion, Dr. Tammeil Gilkerson, played a pivotal role in bringing this initiative to life.

As the “Avenging for Equity” graphic novel continues to make waves, it stands as a shining example of how collaboration between art and advocacy can amplify the voices of those working towards a more equitable future in California’s community colleges. The USC Race and Equity Center and BRIDGEGOOD have showcased the power of storytelling, design, and the creative arts to push the boundaries of racial equity discussions and inspire positive change in educational institutions across the state.

Check out the brief at https://www.racialequityforccc.com/briefs.

Learn more about BRIDGEGOOD at https://www.bridgegood.org.

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