Ranked #4 Best UX Apprenticeship

BREAKING NEWS: Thrilled to announce that BRIDGEGOOD’s UX Design Apprenticeship is ranked #4 best “UI/UX Design and Research Apprenticeships” in 2022 by The Uptide, a premiere destination for conversations on tech, business, and sustainability. Below, the full article originally posted at https://www.theuptide.com/ui-ux-apprenticeships/.

Career Guide: 8 Best UI/UX Design and Research Apprenticeships in 2022

More and more people are ditching the degree to focus on less traditional career paths than the typical high school > university > job ladder. This is true across industries but is especially becoming common in the tech sector where those that are self-taught or have attended shorter coding bootcamps are increasingly getting the same jobs as their University going counterparts.

Apprenticeships are a great option for those who are unsure about the direction in which they want their career to go. Apprenticeships are great if you want some hands-on industry experience, and don’t want to rack up the debt that generally comes with attending University. More so, several tech apprenticeships also pay for complete degree programs while you work with them to pick up skills in a real job setting. Talk about a win-win!

List of The Best Apprenticeships in UI Design & UX Research

In the tech industry, apprenticeships and internships are generally more common in STEM roles such as Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Software Engineering. This does not mean that apprenticeship programs in UI/UX don’t exist. They sure do! While not as common, there are plenty of great programs at some great companies that offer apprenticeships to future UX/UI designers.  Here are some of our top picks.

1. Microsoft’s User Experience Designer Apprenticeship

Location: Redmond, WA, United States

As part of Microsoft’s unique LEAP program, apprentices get a chance to specialize in a varied range of fields within the tech industry via paid apprenticeships. There is a wide range of verticals on offer such as UI & UX design, Cybersecurity, and Data Analysis.

Since 2015, Microsoft’s Leap Program has served as a stepping stone into big tech. The curriculum is a 16-week immersion that includes both classroom and engineering assignments.

2. Google’s Apprenticeship in UX Design

Location: Worldwide

Google offers a work-study program in which individuals may earn money while learning. The program is available to anyone from all around the world, and the duration varies depending on where you live. Their apprenticeships often last anything from 12 to 4 years.

The work environment is diverse. Participants can work in a variety of industries, including UX design and digital marketing, in addition to tech and engineering.

Candidates with university degrees are also encouraged to apply, as long as their subject of study differs from the apprenticeship and they match the minimal criteria.

3. Adobe Digital Academy

Location: Multiple, USA

Adobe’s Digital Academy is for those who wish to change careers and work in tech-related professions including UX design, data science, and software engineering. The initiative, which was developed in conjunction with the General Assembly, aims to benefit underrepresented populations in the tech industry.

Participants will get the option to work with Adobe as remote technical interns. They are considered for full-time jobs after completing the program.

Participants get extensive technical instruction, followed by three to six months of hands-on work experience to test and develop their abilities.

4. BRIDGEGOOD UX Design Apprenticeship

Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland), CA, United States

Up to twenty Bay Area artists and designers can participate in BRIDGEGOOD’s hallmark 3-month program, which includes tuition-free access, hands-on instruction, and portfolio-building activities. BRIDGEGOOD has been offering a unique User Experience (UX) Design Apprenticeship to student designers of color seeking professional growth and skill-building opportunities for the past six years.

Apprentices in the program gain industry skills and have access to exclusive design work sessions at top tech firms such as Google, Adobe, Twitter, and Salesforce.

5. Viget’s Apprenticeship Program

Location: Multiple, United States

The Viget apprenticeship is a compensated 10-week training program that can help you further your career in user experience, graphic design, engineering, project management, UX research, or product design.

As part of the program, apprentices get the opportunity to work with some of the top clients in the world, including organizations, startups, and Fortune 500 corporations. The company has a collaborative environment and fun social activities like game and quiz nights, happy hours, and book clubs whether you work in an office or remotely. Apprentices also get a total of $6,000 as compensation.

6. Globant Apprenticeship Program

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Globant’s Apprenticeship Program is looking for recent college graduates, bootcamp graduates, and self-taught developers from underserved communities to join the Globant Apprenticeship Program.

The selected cohort will have the opportunity to work in a few key areas such as Data Engineering, DevOps, and UX/Graphic Design.

The Globant Apprenticeship Program’s (GAP) purpose is to build a network of recent college graduates, veterans, career transitioners, and people from underrepresented populations. Those from the LGBTQ community, women who code, or anybody from an underprivileged community and/or unusual backgrounds, such as career-changers and bootcamp graduates, are especially encouraged to apply.

7. Sherwin Williams Apprenticeship Program

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Working with experienced colleagues in an Agile setting, as a UX Designer Professional Apprentice team member, apprentices will have the chance to assist influence the concept, design, and execution of some of Sherwin-Williams’ top web apps.

The ideal professional apprentice will have a passion for UX, Visual or Interaction Design, Information Architecture, or Human-Computer Interaction, as well as a background in these fields.

8. Design Apprenticeships at Buck

Location: New York City, NY, United States

BUCK is a worldwide creative agency led by talent, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Amsterdam that has been in operation since 2004.

Their apprenticeship program is a 6-month long commitment where you’ll be able to work alongside collaborative teams under some of the most talented artists in the world to build knowledge, skills, and responsibility to further your career. The apprenticeship is design-focused and open to recent graduates, self-taught artists, and anyone in between.

Learn about BRIDGEGOOD’s UX Design Apprenticeship at https://bridgegood.org/apprenticeship/.

Apprenticeships combine full-time job experience with mentorship and training and are also an affordable pathway to high-paying jobs in a multitude of industries and careers.

While apprenticeships are newly emerging in the tech sector, they have been around for decades. Those interested in apprenticeships can find them in a vast range of industries such as IT, finance and business, hospitality and healthcare.