Kevin & Linda: 10+ Years of Service

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BRIDGEGOOD Honors Kevin Louie and Linda Poeng for Over 10 Years of Service to the Board of Directors

Oakland, CA – BRIDGEGOOD, a nonprofit organization focused on cultivating the next generation of designers from diverse backgrounds, honors Kevin Louie and Linda Poeng for their invaluable contributions to the greater Bay Area community. Kevin and Linda, who have served on the Board of Directors for over 10 years, have played critical roles in helping BRIDGEGOOD achieve their mission and scale its programs.

Kevin Louie, Sr. Director of Operations & Analytics at, was instrumental in BRIDGEGOOD’s early days, laying the foundation for the organization’s success in connecting small businesses with talented student designers. Under Kevin’s leadership as Board President, BRIDGEGOOD pioneered new revenue streams, forged strategic partnerships with industry-leading tech companies, and provided students with valuable, hands-on experience in User Experience Design through paid real-world projects.

Linda Poeng, Co-Founder of Oakland Digital Arts and Literacy Center and former Senior Digital Producer at The North Face and UX Design Producer at US Bank, has played a pivotal role in BRIDGEGOOD’s decade-long success. As Board Treasurer, Linda skillfully oversaw and managed the organization’s finances, ensuring a robust and sustainable budget that has enabled the nonprofit to operate smoothly for 14 years.

Kevin and Linda have selflessly devoted their lives to the betterment of BRIDGEGOOD, serving with distinction for five consecutive board terms. Their unwavering dedication, tireless efforts, and contributions have propelled the organization to new heights. Their legacy will continue to inspire not only the organization but also the communities it serves.

“Both Board Members have been an integral part of the BRIDGEGOOD family; we cannot thank them enough for their resilience and dedication to our cause,” said Shaun Tai, Executive Director of BRIDGEGOOD.

“Their impact will be felt for generations to come, and we are incredibly grateful for their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.”


Founded July 2009, BRIDGEGOOD provides equitable tech access, design opportunities, and professional resources to job seekers. They aim to train 40,000 student Designers by 2030 — with a focus on User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Product Design, and Visual Design careers. BRIDGEGOOD Community Studio is located at 95 Washington Street, a waterfront facility situated in Oakland’s iconic Jack London Square

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