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BRIDGEGOOD, an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides equitable tech access, design opportunities, and professional resources to job seekers. BRIDGEGOOD equips student Creatives with career skills required for the 1.8+ million tech job openings expected to be available in the U.S. by 2022, and aims to train 40,000 designers of color by 2030. Support BIPOC students by hiring BRIDGEGOOD Design Studio for your next project or making a tax-deductible donation.

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Impact since 2009

Giving job seeking Creatives & Designers of color the professional resources to discover and explore meaningful careers while improving diverse local economies. To date, BRIDGEGOOD has directly impacted the lives of 7,200 Bay Area Students, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations. Our programs have boosted the economy by $6.4 million, leading to opportunities for 21st century employment and economic mobility.


Design For Social Good

Preparing student Creatives for meaningful design & tech careers. Operating as a design studio and web application, Businesses & Nonprofits receive essential design services while helping Students thrive. Join our ecosystem,

Focus 1:

Digital Equity

At BRIDGEGOOD, we believe that technological advancement should benefit society as a whole, not just a privileged segment of the population.

As the digital economy continues to expand, it is our responsibility to educate the under-served in digital literacy, design, and marketing, so that they are not excluded from the majority of future opportunities. Through BRIDGEGOOD’s digital literacy programs and design studio services, we are bridging the gap. // Learn more

Focus 2:

Economic Mobility

Nearly 15% of businesses in Oakland are registered as leisure and entertainment—the largest increase of businesses being restaurants and bars.

While this may benefit the nightlife, mom-and-pop businesses that provide essential services are becoming extinct, and technological gaps are largely to blame. As the economy becomes increasingly digital, the distribution of wealth tips in favor of the digitally literate, leaving the illiterate in danger of failure – since 2009, BRIDGEGOOD is empowering small businesses. // Learn more

Focus 3:

Workforce Development

BRIDGEGOOD’s unique collaboration of community, design, and technology inspires us every day to make our organization an even more powerful force for change.

We are actively supplying under-resourced community members (students of color ages 18-34; women-owned businesses ages 40+) with professional resources, mentorship, digital literacy education, economic autonomy, and career and networking opportunities. // Learn more


Focus 4:

Student Voices & Digital Arts

Each year we ask emerging Creatives and Designers to create original artwork that answers the question, “What about Oakland inspires you?”

To date, over 2,400 community college and state-level students have participated for the chance to have their designs featured on Inspire Oakland billboards, bus ads, benches, and digital LEDs throughout the greater East Bay. // Learn more

Focus 5:

Community & Student Leadership

Annually, BRIDGEGOOD visits up to 50 schools (namely in Bay Area counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo) including community colleges, state colleges, and universities. During our curated visits and programs, we provide students with the professional resources and career-related tools required to be leaders in their community. // Learn more



Focus 6:

Educational Innovation

While design jobs (e.g., UX, UI, Visual, Graphic) within the tech sector are booming, design students of color are being left behind.

Demand and opportunity for designers are high; in fact, the 2nd top-paying workforce of Graphic Designers in the nation resides in the Bay Area. Yet opportunities for designers of color remain scarce. Jobs for this marginalized group dwindle as designers from well-resourced colleges secure employment. // Learn more

Focus 7:

Tech Access & Inclusion

Recent reports confirm: tech is coming to Oakland and long-time residents are moving to affordable Bay Area cities. BRIDGEGOOD Design Studio is a safe space for students and business owners alike to collaborate, co-create, and design for social good.

With the development of 300+ tech or Web-based startups in the area, the Bay Area faces unique obstacles. Community members from East and West Oakland are particularly sensitive to the influx of tech from a cultural and economic viewpoint (e.g., gentrification). This is an issue that is close to us, as three-fourths of our board reside here. // Learn more



Teamwork makes the dream work

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BRIDGEGOOD is guided by a core set of values: Content Creation & Innovation, Collaboration & Inclusiveness, Literacy & Skill Mastery, Knowledge Sharing & Learning, Transparency & Neutrality. We are a community-driven ecosystem of creators, leaders, and social good visionaries.


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