Global Internships

Xchange Program

Through our partnership with Intrax, BRIDGEGOOD is matched with motivated students from eight (8) countries. At BRIDGEGOOD, Xchange Program interns gain valuable experience in visual design, product development, engineering, and/or business strategy. Through our internships, students and young professionals gain international work experience and gain a new global perspective on business & tech. Internships last one to six (6) months; learn more by visiting

BRIDGEGOOD Xchange Graduates

Harumi Nishiuchi | Japan (2013)
Role: Business Marketing

Marta Piqueras | Spain (2014)
Role: Digital Marketing & Design

Olivia English | Australia (2015)
Role: Digital Marketing & Design

Keita Shimmei | Japan (2016)
Role: QA Engineer

Yoshikatsu Nakajima | Japan (2017)
Role: Engineer & Data Science

Kentaro Yagi | Japan (2018)
Role: Engineer

Yuki Shibatsuji | Japan (2019)
Role: UX Research