Honoring Community Leaders


Inspiration Awards is Oakland Digital’s annual fundraising gala celebrating leadership, innovation, and positive change. Utilizing the influential impact of inspiring role models, we recognize and honor prominent Bay Area leaders who make substantial contributions to society through their dedication in the fields of Community, Business, and Education. By supporting, you are joining an ecosystem of creators, leaders, and visionaries.

Inspiration Awards 2010:

Joe Kennedy (Pandora)
Donald Tamaki (Minami Tamaki LLP)
Dr. Andreas Weigend (Amazon.com)


Inspiration Awards 2011:

Alex Bernstein (North Social)
Goapele (Singer/Songwriter)
MC Hammer (Entrepreneur)


Inspiration Awards 2012:

Mary Grove (Google)
Bre’ly Evans (Entrepreneur)
Doug Leeds (Ask.com)


Inspiration Awards 2013:

Mary O’Connell (Clorox Co.)
Gene Wade (UniversityNow)
Zendaya (Disney)


Inspiration Awards 2014:

Jeff Goodby (Goodby, Silverstein and Partners)
Cal Blueprint (UC Berkeley)
Ahmed Rahim (Numi Organic Tea)


Inspiration Awards 2015:

Jose Gordon (Golden State Warriors Community Foundation)
Joel Flory (VSCO)
Dr. Elnora Webb (Laney College)
Dr. Leroy Morishita (Cal State East Bay)


Inspiration Awards 2016:

Jason Mayden (Accel Partners)
Rowena Tomaneng (Berkeley City College)
Justin Steele (Google.org)


Inspiration Awards 2017:

Catherine Aker (Oakland A’s)
Regina Rodgers (BlackRock)
Caroline Barlerin (Twitter)


Inspiration Awards 2018:

Myesha Brown (Golden State Warriors)
Claudia Burgos (AC Transit)
Tammeil Gilkerson (Laney College)